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Access clean energy for
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Help the planet with 100% clean energy and get a custom
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Inspire is leading a clean energy movement.
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We make it easy for your home to access clean
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  1. Sign up in minutes

    Seamlessly switch your electricity supply to Inspire’s 100% clean energy plan without any interruptions to your current service.

  2. Pay a flat monthly price

    Say hello to predictability. Enjoy a flat monthly price for electricity supply with no usage restrictions.

  3. Make an impact

    You’ll be doing your part to avoid carbon emissions and help the planet.

Ready to join the clean energy movement?

Get access to 100% clean energy at one flat monthly price.

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Inspire offers a variety of 100% clean energy plans to meet your needs, including unlimited subscription plans and fixed price plans, depending upon what’s available in your area.*

Unlimited 100% Clean Energy Plans
When you sign up for one of our Unlimited 100% Clean Energy Plans provided by Inspire Energy Holdings, LLC, Inspire becomes your electricity supplier. You’ll pay your utility company directly as usual. The only difference is that you’ll see Inspire listed as your electricity supplier under the "supply" or “generation” section of your bill.

With this plan, you get access to 100% clean energy at a customized, flat monthly price. Most companies charge you for each unit of energy you use, but because energy needs can vary dramatically throughout the year, this can result in unpredictable bills. With Inspire’s Unlimited 100% Clean Energy Subscription Plan, you’ll have peace of mind that your electricity supply bill will stay the same. With our Fixed Price and Introductory Price Plans, your price per kilowatt hour (kWh) is locked in, giving you price protection—usually for a year or more!

Full-Bill Subscription Plan
When you choose our Full-Bill Subscription Plan provided by Inspire Digital Services USA, LLC and its subsidiaries, your entire utility bill is transformed into a simple, personalized flat monthly subscription. Inspire will bill you directly using the payment method you provided during sign-up and make payments to your utility on your behalf so you don’t have to. In addition, we’ll match your electricity usage with 100% renewable energy, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re helping avoid carbon emissions and getting closer to achieving a net-zero carbon home.

*Note: The plan you’re offered depends upon where you live, so not all plans will be available to all customers. To find out which plans are available in your area, please enter your address or ZIP code.

At Inspire, we're not just creating a clean energy experience — we're creating a clean energy movement. We're committed to increasing access to clean energy with a simple subscription service and smart technology that helps you track your usage and see your impact. That way everyone has the opportunity to help create a greener future for our planet.

Every day, you power your home with energy that comes, in large part, from non-renewable sources like fossil fuels. And these fossil fuels produce toxic chemicals that harm our environment. By choosing to power your home with clean energy, you can change that.

By using energy that comes from clean, renewable sources like wind and solar, you can help combat climate change, creating a greener planet for future generations.

Inspire is the only clean energy company striving to help US households make the switch to 100% clean energy sources through one simple subscription. You have the power to decide where your energy comes from — and when you sign up for an Inspire plan, you'll be supporting energy that's purchased from 100% clean energy sources.

Inspire works alongside your local utility company to ensure a seamless transition to Inspire with no disruption to your service. Your payment method will depend on your plan.

For our full-bill subscription customers who pay through our digital energy experience, Inspire will process your monthly utility bill payments using the credit card we have on file.

For our retail electricity supply plans, you will continue to pay your utility directly each month as you normally do and will see Inspire listed under the "supply" or “generation" portion of your bill.

Your utility company is still your primary contact for all matters related to the delivery of electricity to your home. Your utility is responsible for the distribution of power and any service disruptions, even when Inspire is your electricity supplier.