Average Prices & Costs for Unlimited Electricity Plans

Today, we are faced with many choices when it comes to our energy suppliers and the resources they use. When choosing energy from a supplier, we are typically given two options: fixed rate plans or variable rate plans. Regardless of which option we choose, we are likely to feel like we are gambling as we try to choose the plan that is most cost-effective.

Unlimited energy deals and renewable energy

We live in a time with multiple choices, and the average consumer typically has an increased awareness of their personal carbon footprint. We now know that the burning of fossil fuels is damaging to our planet, and many of us are making decisions that will positively impact our planet. We also know the harm that unsustainable energy sources can do to our health, and we are trying to adjust our lifestyles to reduce this. Thankfully, many energy companies are striving to meet the demand for sustainable energy sources, and an increasing number of renewable options are arising.

With the increase in renewable energy options available comes an increase in the number of plan choices. Whether we opt for a company that uses wind energy, fossil fuels, solar power or hydroelectricity, we must decide which type of plan to go for depending on our intake. There are even unlimited energy plans available, but what are they, how do they work, and are they worth it?

Are unlimited energy plans worth it?

With an unlimited electricity plan, customers usually pay a flat fee to their supplier each month and receive unlimited electricity in return. In other words, whether they use ten kWh per month or a thousand kWh, their bill will remain the same. This fixed price is often attractive to those on tight budgets, such as large families, students, or older couples on set pensions.

The only tangible downside of unlimited energy plans is that if the market prices fall and you are committed to a long-term contract, you are still obliged to continue paying the same amount even though energy prices have gone down. Many contracts include a clause that dictates that the customer must pay a fee if they terminate the contract early, which means that some money will be lost either way, should the market price fall dramatically. However, Inspire never changes an early termination fee offering a great solution for your energy plan.

However, if you’re getting unlimited clean energy from solar power, wind farms and the like, then there’s absolutely no harm in using an unlimited amount of energy. In fact, you’re increasing demand on clean sources, which will help encourage more clean energy farms to be built!

What is unlimited energy?

Unlimited energy is a tariff that offers customers an unlimited amount of energy use for one fixed monthly price. For example, you may pay $100 for your plan, no matter how much you use.

Unlimited energy deals work the same as most unlimited cell phone contracts today; regardless of the number of calls or texts you make, the price stays the same. Some particular unlimited electricity plans are price-cap-proof in that they protect the customer against the price of energy rising.

The concept behind unlimited energy rates is that it offers a predictable energy service to customers that may be concerned about energy prices. Provided that these energy companies use renewable energy sources, this can be an excellent choice for those who don’t want any surprises when the bill comes.

Is it possible to have unlimited energy?

It absolutely is possible to have unlimited energy, it just depends on the provider you choose. Some companies will require you to install a smart meter and will ask you for your current annual energy usage and bills. The company will then give you a set price for the next year, based on your previous usage. The less attractive part of this is that even if you make an effort to use less energy at home, you may still be charged for your previously estimated price.

Others will offer genuine unlimited usage. It is worth checking the terms and conditions of the plans you’re looking at; there’s always the risk that a company will only allow you unlimited energy to a certain cut-off point. It’s always a good idea to do some research before making a decision, and see if anyone on the plan has faced additional unexpected charges. If you decide to switch to Inspire, you get the advantage of a truly unlimited energy subscription with access to 100% clean energy.

Which energy plan is the cleanest?

Some people would argue that an unlimited energy plan is not conducive to using energy responsibly. This is because customers who may not have been inclined to use large amounts of energy are encouraged to use more energy than before, just because they can.

However, when an energy company uses clean energy sources, the environmental damage high energy use does is negated. Our own unlimited clean energy plan is one of, if not the cleanest available in the US. We only buy our energy from clean sources, such as energy produced by wind farms. This means if you unexpectedly need to use more energy, you can rest easy with Inspire knowing the energy is always clean. If you would like to find out more about making the switch to clean energy, click here.

What is the dirtiest energy source?

Though there are plenty of energy sources that can be considered “dirty”, coal is the worst. Coal currently produces around 44% of US electricity, yet is the source of 80% of all US power plant emissions. Chimney sweeps in Victorian Britain would often die young due to all the soot they breathed in while working. It produces smog, acid rain, contributes to global warming, and even produces waste products like sludge.

How can I get unlimited energy?

Unlimited energy is available from most energy providers today. As a customer, you have lots of companies to choose from, depending on your priorities and personal budget. If you don’t want to increase your carbon footprint and potentially cause more harm to the planet, you’ve got to be careful.
Fortunately, we offer a completely clean unlimited electricity plan that you can use guilt-free.

With Inspire, your price is calculated using information about the size of your home, your previous energy usage, and/or our forecasted projections. We use this information to calculate the approximate price for your custom monthly subscription or your fixed-rate plan. Our unlimited clean energy subscription starts at just $39.99 per month so you can opt for a sustainable, responsible energy source while having the peace of mind that your energy bill will be the same every month, no matter what.

The more households that use the clean energy we provide, the greater the reduction in damage to the ozone layer. This will help to improve our air quality and reduce the damaging effects of climate change, CO2 emissions and consequent global warming. We at Inspire have been working towards a totally clean energy grid since 2014, and we plan to make even more progress by 2030. We prioritize our planet equally to the customer experience, and we are committed to providing an energy-efficient service that is clean, renewable, and predictable.

To make the switch to an unlimited clean electricity plan today, click here.