Learn and compare the natural gas providers in Massachusetts.

Can I choose my natural gas provider in Massachusetts?

Massachusetts is a state with a deregulated energy market which permits residents to choose the best gas provider for their needs. A few key points to consider when shopping for a gas supplier in Massachusetts include contract lengths, whether they offer fixed or variable rate contracts and who you should contact if you have any issues.

Since Massachusetts is a deregulated energy market state, you will find two separate charges on your monthly gas bill. One is a supply charge, and the other is a delivery or distribution charge.

Here are the differences between the two charges:

  • Delivery or distribution charge: When your public utility distributes natural gas to your home or business, it takes a large amount of infrastructure, construction and staff to complete this service. You then are charged to help pay for these costs, among others. Other factors determining your delivery charge each month include energy efficiency initiatives, environmental response, clean-up, residential assistance and infrastructure maintenance.
  • Supply charge: The supply charge goes to a provider of your choice responsible for acquiring and transporting your natural gas to your public utility. Essentially, the supply company purchases natural gas on the wholesale commodity exchange and then sets its rates accordingly to reflect the initial purchase price. While the delivery or distribution charge can remain the same over extended periods, the supply charge can change due to seasonal fluctuations and other influential factors1.

What are the different natural gas companies in Massachusetts?

There are many natural gas companies across Massachusetts, and residents are welcome to choose a provider that best fits their needs for natural gas. Not only do residents have the option from many different companies, but they can also elect to have their region-based public utility company supply their natural gas. Like with many providers and competitive rates, shopping around for natural gas companies may be the smartest option for Massachusetts residents, ensuring the best value for their money.

Public utility companies are responsible for the regional infrastructure and facilities used to create, store, transmit and deliver utilities like water and energy. Utility companies are also responsible for transporting natural gas through the state and oil and gas via a pipeline.

Comparatively, natural gas providers are mainly responsible for selling and delivering natural gas to residents rather than operation and production like a public utility. Providers facilitate the sale of natural gas by purchasing resources from the public utility companies and offering customers value through pricing and services.

As mentioned, there are plenty of natural gas providers to choose from in Massachusetts. To find a provider that best suits you, it is crucial to determine your natural gas needs. Compare providers that serve your area, offer contracts and pricing within your budget and plans. You can even evaluate providers based on their future outlook and ethical mission.

How much does natural gas cost in Massachusetts?

The typical unit of measurement to compare natural gas prices across states and against the previous year's expenses is by the thousand cubic feet of natural gas. Natural gas is used in homes across Massachusetts for space heating and water heating. As of August 2021, the average price of natural gas for residential use in the state of Massachusetts was $18.31 per 1,000 cubic feet.

Is natural gas more expensive in Massachusetts?

Many reasons can affect the price of natural gas. When looking at the price of $18.31 per 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas, Massachusetts is almost 13% cheaper than the national average of $20.96 per 1,000 cubic feet. For Massachusetts to have an average price below the national average typically means there is enough natural gas supply to provide for the demand of residential consumers at a reasonable price2.

Are natural gas prices increasing in Massachusetts?

Though below the national average, the price of natural gas for residential use in the state of Massachusetts has been increasing. The price has risen dramatically by nearly $3.00 from March to August 2021. This trend can be seen nationally due to supply chain deficiencies and extreme weather events in the early part of 2021.

If you are worried about your gas bill, it is best to conserve gas as much as possible. One way to do this is to make sure your home is well insulated. Having poor insulation is a significant contributor to heat loss, which reduces your furnaces' heating efficiency. Also, replacing air filters throughout the home will have a positive impact on heating efficiency. Having a more efficient heating system creates and retains heat in your home for less money.

What is the average natural gas bill in Massachusetts?

The average resident in Massachusetts will spend around $1,088 a year heating their home with natural gas. Monthly gas bills can vary depending on the choice of contract, using a fixed-rate or variable-rate plan. If you are on a fixed-rate contract, your natural gas bill would be $90.66 per month for heating alone. With a fixed-rate plan, the user will have steady and predictable monthly bills because the cost per 1,000 cubic feet of natural gas has been locked in at a specific price with the natural gas provider contract. On the other hand, monthly gas bills will fluctuate quite a bit with a variable rate plan, where the price per 1,000 cubic feet will depend on demand for heating needs, where it is inevitable that prices increase during the winter months3.

How can I get natural gas at my house in Massachusetts?

If you are interested in getting natural gas to your home, the first thing you may want to do is contact your local public utility to make sure your home has a live and connected transmission line. With confirmation that your natural gas lines are active, then you can move forward with comparing gas providers in your area. You may have to coordinate between the provider and the public utility to ensure you get your natural gas when you need it. Once you've determined the natural gas provider that's best for you, you can contact them for further instructions to get natural gas.

How do I choose a natural gas provider in Massachusetts?

If you live in Massachusetts, you are not forced to use the local utility company for natural gas. With more options available, you may be wondering how to choose a natural gas provider in Massachusetts. An excellent place to start is by determining how much natural gas you use regularly. As you begin to compare rates and plans, this will help you accurately estimate your utility bill.

Can I get clean natural gas in Massachusetts?

Of course, you can get natural gas in Massachusetts from various providers. However, if clean natural gas is a priority to you, it may be in your best interest to find a natural gas supplier who is committed to improving the health of our planet.

Because many of us still rely on natural gas to heat our homes and cook our food, how can we keep doing so without harming the planet? Enter our solution: Inspire's Clean Natural Gas plan, a promising way to offset the carbon emissions associated with your everyday home heating and cooking needs.

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Once you're a member, you'll rest easy knowing that carbon emissions from your home's natural gas consumption are being neutralized, and you're doing something positive for the planet.

When you switch to Inspire's Clean Natural Gas plan, your gas will continue to be delivered to you by your local utility company. Inspire will replace your current natural gas supplier, and once you start service, you will see “Inspire” listed as your natural gas supplier on your utility bill. We will begin to purchase offsets on your behalf to neutralize the carbon emissions associated with your home's natural gas consumption.

Currently, we offer our Clean Natural Gas plan for eligible residential and small business customers in Ohio, with more locations, like Massachusetts, coming soon.

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