A few of our Avengers tell us their favorite part about being on the Member Experience team

Our Member Experience team has been a vital part of our success. Each day, they bring their positive attitudes, bright personalities, and smart insights to work to support our business. They spend their days following up with potential members who are curious about our product, or helping our current customers with misunderstandings and other issues. The job isn’t easy; it requires a strong commitment to the business and our mission, as well as a consistent upbeat attitude. We’re taking a moment to celebrate this team and give you an inside look at what makes coming to work worth it for them.

There was a definite theme we heard when asking what our Avengers love about being on the Mx team - the people! When they’re not tending to the needs of our customers, they’re always laughing and genuinely enjoying each other’s company.

Grace Fetters - Member Support Specialist

There's nothing better than working with a group of people so closely and finding at least 10 reasons to laugh, HARD, every single day at work. Helping people power their lives with clean energy is just a bonus.

Taylor Anderson - Member Support Specialist

One of the best things about Mx is the people you get to work with. They make sure that every day is fun and everyone is always so supportive of everyone else. Everyone on our team is both kind and driven, so it makes for an incredible work atmosphere!


However, we hear it’s not just your everyday funny. They’re fans of dressing up and providing entertainment via a daily dose of practical jokes. Don’t be surprised if you come back to a brand new desk on this team!

Emily Vulcano - Manager, Member Experience

We live for a good prank on the Mx Team. Recently my entire desk, including every object on it, was tin-foiled by someone on the team!

Rebecca Quirk - Member Support Specialist

I love working in Mx because the team is as fun loving as I am! It’s not just any workplace that dresses up as Michael Jackson for your birthday just to make you laugh. Being surrounded by positive attitudes and outgoing individuals every day makes me excited to wake up and go to work.

By the way, newbies are not excluded from bake offs, dressing up, or being welcomed in with open arms!

Jessica Bologna - Member Support Specialist

Being the newest member of the Mx team, I was a little intimidated when I saw how tight-knit the team is. I've only been here for a few weeks, and I'm already laughing at myself for being nervous. The team has been SO warm and welcoming. Everyone is so inclusive, that by the end of day 1 I felt comfortable with everyone. Training is thorough and everyone is helpful. As Mx, we support our Inspire members, but as a team we always support each other too. I can't wait to grow with Inspire.

But whether the team is baking or cleaning up, they never forget their greater purpose or the bigger picture…


This is a team that plays hard but works harder. The strength of their bond comes a close second to the strength of their leaders.

Katrina Brewer - Team Lead, Member Experience

Hired immediately post-grad as a Member Support Specialist in 2016, I expected the role to be little more than a foot in the door at Inspire. Plot twist: I fell in love with the team’s culture, energy and mission and realized I’d found my first career ‘home.’ Now, I’m honored to help the team continue to grow and flourish as our bicoastal Team Lead. The nature of our roles in customer service can be unglamorous and taxing, but the result is a team who sticks together and has formed an iron-clad bond. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

And what’s even more amazing is knowing that this bond stays intact from coast to coast.

We are fortunate to have such a strong team of passionate people who love coming to work every day. As we continue our journey towards a brighter energy future, we hope to bring on more Avengers who share the same values and passion that our current Mx team members bring to the company.