A Q&A session with our Senior Manager of Commercial Strategy about how we're growing our consumer-focused business.

Over the past year, Inspire has been experiencing massive growth as we continue to expand access to clean energy to more people across the globe. As our business and team grows, our industry grows with us — and this is where our Commercial Strategy Team comes in. Commercial Strategy helps us to continually reevaluate the market and determine where Inspire can go next. From identifying new markets to pricing our products within those markets, and enabling new business models, the Commercial Strategy Team leads the way.

Now, we'd like to introduce you to Zach Bogoshian, our Senior Manager of Commercial Strategy. With Zach’s help, we have continuously expanded our markets, products, and pricing structures to give a growing number of people access to clean energy. We sat down with Zach to learn more about his work, and here’s what he had to say:

Q: What do you do at Inspire?

On the Commercial Strategy Team, we’re responsible for ensuring the commercial performance of the business at the market, product, and member segment levels. This can mean a lot of things, but it’s a real cross-functional role that allows us to work closely with the experts we have at Inspire — the true subject matter experts — to accomplish big, complex tasks. Some examples of projects that we drive are new market development and management, pricing and price testing, and the development and evolution of our subscription-rate structure.

Q: Tell us about a project you’re currently working on that’s exciting to you?

Some of the work we’re doing with behavioral science is really intellectually invigorating for me and showcases how our deep commitment to customer-centricity can align with the commercial objectives of the business— in other words — how we can create a win-win. We’re experimenting a lot with choice architecture at the member level, where we present our products in ways that will help them to choose a path through the Inspire product experience that maximizes their satisfaction while aligning with our business goals.

Q: What have you accomplished at Inspire that you’re most proud of?

I think the subscription pricing structure. While this is a shared accomplishment, I am proud to have contributed. We’re still figuring out ways to make it better and smarter and faster, but the idea that we can simplify a member’s billing experience by offering one flat fee for energy is great in its own right. The real power is how it aligns Inspire’s incentives with those of our members — it becomes a vehicle through which we can deliver the next suite of Inspire products and services. Subscription pricing puts a healthy pressure on us to deliver on easiest ways for members to use less — through hardware and software solutions.


Q: What’s something you want people to know about working at Inspire?

People here care, they really do. The deep commitment to Inspire’s mission is apparent every moment of every day for every person I interact with, which keeps me motivated in a startup environment. Our core value of “Live It” is really relevant. People here realize that idealism only gets you halfway there. You have to bring real-world skills and grit to solving these complex problems in order to move the needle. And that combination is pretty special.

Q: What is your favorite Inspire value?

I already mentioned “Live It,” which stands out to me, but “Study It” is the one that I think about the most. It underscores the humility needed to understand and solve complex problems like climate change and create a truly delightful customer experience. Those two things independently require immense expertise that really can’t be found in one person or one source, and bringing them together (our ultimate goal) only expands the complexity. Also, they’re both moving targets and require vigilance and shifts in strategy! Thus, we need to be experts at seeking and finding the necessary information and solutions at the right times if we’re going to succeed. I appreciate that Inspire realizes and commits to this explicitly.

We’re so grateful to have Avengers like Zach, aka "Bogo," who help expand our vision all while keeping the core of our values in mind as we grow. If you share our commitment to a brighter energy future and believe that the best leaders are the ones who are always learning, check out our open positions here.