Environmental Disclosure Information
Inspire Energy Holdings, LLC

Generation Resource Mix

A comparison between the sources of generation used to produce this product and the historic regional average supply mix.



Environmental Characteristics

A description of the characteristics associated with each possible generation resource.

Biomass PowerAir Emissions and Solid Waste
Coal PowerAir Emissions and Solid Waste
Hydro PowerWildlife Impacts
Natural Gas PowerAir Emissions and Solid Waste
Nuclear PowerRadioactive Waste
Oil PowerAir Emissions and Solid Waste
Other SourcesUnknown Impacts
Solar PowerNo Significant Impacts
Unknown Purchased ResourcesUnknown Impacts
Wind PowerWildlife Impacts

Air Emissions

A comparison between the air emissions related to this product and the regional average air emissions.

Radioactive Waste

Radioactive waste associated with the product.

High-Level Radioactive Waste
Low-Level Radioactive Waste
UnknownLbs./1,0000 kWh
UnknownFt3/1,0000 kWh

With in-depth analysis, the environmental characteristics of any form of electric generation will reveal benefits as well as costs.
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