A world of impact
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We help you turn everyday usage into lifelong impact. So by simply living your life, you can save the earth.

Understand your usage

The average U.S. home generates 16,500 pounds of carbon emissions (CO2e) every year, making up nearly 20% of all US greenhouse gas emissions. We're here to help change that.

Minimize your footprint

We purchase renewable energy certificates from wind and solar facilities to match your energy usage, reducing your carbon impact, and increasing the demand for more renewable energy on the grid.

Make an impact

When you switch to clean energy, it’s measurable. Just one year can be more impactful in reducing your footprint than 10 years of recycling.

With Inspire, you’re part of a movement that’s making a global net-zero carbon future a reality

And we’re just
getting started

Together, the Inspire
community has helped


pounds of CO2e.

Start making an impact today!

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We’re always working to reduce our carbon footprint
and help you reduce yours.

The story behind Inspire

We believe in a future where clean energy is accessible to everyone, everywhere, no matter who they are. And it’s our mission to make that future a reality, today.

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With Inspire, your clean energy plan is customized to fit your lifestyle, helping you support a cleaner future for our planet.

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